Corporate / Team Building

Robyn’s Nest is perfectly suited for corporate and team building events, we are flexible in our approach as every clients needs differ from the others.

At Robyn’s Nest the¬†emphasis is on fun, relaxation and enjoyment. Where everyone get involved in the cooking or alternatively relax at a demo and dine evening,

Our team is always flexible, to fit in with the participants needs. Menus are designed individually for each group or team, bearing in mind food sensitivities and a competitive edge can even be added for an adrenalin-driven team.

From fun hands on bread making classes (where you go home with lots of amazing bread) Baking master classes, Italian Suppers and Come dine with me style evening’s where management get to show off their culinary skills.

We can tailor an event to suit your company.

For more details call Jason on 087 121 0152

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Team building at the nest